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WordPress and Hostgator?, no way!!

29 Sep 2014

For the first time i will write this post in English, and i don’t speak English, so i will do my best.

If you are thinking about publish/create a blog or site and you expect have a high traffic, please keep away from Hostgator. 

For third time i was blocked due a high CPU usage on my blog, but the thing is this blog was a simple WordPress site that has been installed using the Hostgator tools!!! So, it has been completely installed, configured and optimized for Hostgator, and they block my site for CPU usage, saying that i need to fix the site, remove plugins or install a Cache manager for WordPress, but they already install that plugins on the first time.

So, for now, i prefer return to Blogger, is not the best platform, i really begun to love WordPress, but i need to have my site online without worries. Si if you want my opinion, Hostgator never for a blog with high traffic.

And like services?, technical support doesn’t know what is a DNS, and server crashes but they don’t believe to the clients that its was a problem on the server, so don’t waste your time, just use another provider.