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Seattle free software event this fall: Call for Participation now open

01 Jul 2014

SeaGL logo
The Seattle GNU/Linux Conference (SeaGL) has just announced Karen
Sandler, executive director of Software Freedom Conservancy, as a
keynote speaker and opened its Call for Participation. SeaGL is
a free software conference in downtown Seattle, taking place on
October 24 and 25, 2014. The Seattle Central Community College is
hosting the event, so expect plenty of opportunities for students,
as well as professionals and free software enthusiasts.

The SeaGL Call for Participation is now open! Get involved by
submitting a proposal and sharing this call widely. Giving a talk at a
free software event is great way to meet new people and learn new
things. SeaGL is especially interested in hearing from new

You can find out more about SeaGL, October 24-25 2014, by
emailing participate@seagl.org or visiting them on IRC
on Freenode in